SMI Enterprises LLC
30852 Groesbeck Hwy
Roseville MI 48066
phone: (586) 435-5375

How We Began

SMI was originally established in 2010 in Wheat Ridge Colorado, until 2016 when they moved all corporate offices to Detroit Michigan. SMI is a political campaign management and marketing firm with a long history and track record of success. We come highly recommended by our clients due to our ability to make things happen where others can't. We have conducted business in almost every state in the U.S. Our management team has helped make hundreds of campaigns successful. Our crews have collected millions of signatures nationwide. We have the experience to make your project a success. We are not the biggest but we are arguably the best.

​SMI is a company that prides itself on honesty and integrity at all levels. Our company works to makes sure that all those on board with our company know exactly what it going on and what needs to be done. Our clients, contractors, and employees are more efficient if everyone is on the same page. We want lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial for everyone involved.


What Makes Us different?


  • We build custom fit solutions for every client.

  • We are far more flexible with most aspects of the operation sue to our phylosophy.

  • We use a 100 % in-house trained and staffed team for all of our back-end support unless requested otherwise by the client.

  • We train all our management staff in-house and do not sub-contract any of our management positions to other like-kind companies.

  • We leverage the latest technology and are continuously improving the way we do business.

Better Quality For Better Results!

We at SMI strives to provide the absolute best quality of services available in our industry. Our proprietary back-end systems and procedures are highly detailed and innovative and are custom designed to produce the cleanest and most accurate product or service in the business. Our procedures insure that we will exceed all expectations when we deliver on our promises.

We use extensive technological web based tools to centralize and streamline the back-end of all our operations. This insures a highly efficient and detailed quality standard within our company. Our procedures are highly detailed and extensively documented throughout the process. Our in-house staff and field management teams are highly trained to be reliable and adaptable for whatever our client needs. All of this is to provide quality and transparency to all individuals and organizations involved so everyone has an up to date account for where we are at in the campaign.

Where we are today